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Clients testimonials

Anna Constantas                 August 2019 Google review


Nat is simply wonderful. She has been walking my dog for over a year and I've seen a fantastic transformation. Aliki is a rescue from Romania and had been traumatised. Originally a shy dog with difficulties forming bonds, she skips and bounds with the others, courtesy of regular pictures and videos from Nat and even willingly hurls herself into streams....something she refused to do with me.

Nat cares deeply and goes beyond the call of duty. I come home from work to a tired and happy dog who has had a good, sociable, long, long walk in different locations (due to Nat's trusty van with secure travel cages). All I know is that when I mention Nat's name, my dog jumps up and down and spins around - the best testimony indeed.

Rachel Billet                 August 2019    Google  review                                   

Nat is brilliant, shes been walking our staff Teddy for about six months. Teddy loves her and her dogs, and comes back v happy. Nat knows lots about animals, is safety conscious and thinks about which dogs would get on well together ( if they are doing group walks). Nat is reliable and flexible if we need extra days too. V glad we found her.


Michelle Fordham   23/06/19                               facebook

Would highly recommend nats pet services I went away on holiday I was so nervous leaving my baby for the first time but Nat sent me pictures everyday and I was then totally at ease she had walks with other dogs and Nats dogs . Nat is so lovely and even though we are back we are going to carry on using this service. As I think my baby will miss Nat and the other dogs . Nat does an amazing service 

Suzy Kay 10/01/2019                                     facebook                 

Nat is a real animal lover and takes our 2 dogs on some beautiful walks. Since I changed jobs a few months ago Nat has helped us out a couple of times a week with walks. She takes them to some lovely open spaces and they are then nicely tired for the rest of the afternoon. I am so very pleased with how it has worked out - Nat is fab!

Erica Wickerson 16/05/18                    Google review


Nat has walked Ella for about three years now and is absolutely amazing. She’s incredibly caring and empathetic with all animals and shows real love and understanding. She’s reliable, punctual, and flexible, often going out of her way to accommodate an extra walk, and sends us lots of happy photos and videos of the doggy adventures. Ella is always overjoyed to see Nat - not something you can fake! We cannot recommend her highly enough.

Leva Lobiv 01/05/18                                   Google review


Nat has been looking after our parrots for over 3 years now. She is the most caring and responsible person. Every time we go away for a holiday trip, Nat does a fantastic job of caring for our birds. Our birds feel comfortable around her and are happy to be in Nat’s care. She is the best in what she does and we wouldn’t trust our birds to anyone else.

Lena Lobiv 22/03/2015                                  facebook 


Nat is amazing! We needed somebody to look after our two parrots while we were on holiday and we are so happy we found Nat. She is so caring, thoughtful and knowledgeable. She even managed to do tasks which we thought would be impossible to do! When we got back home we were so amazed as our parrots were well cared for, cages were clean and our house was tidy. Nat was very kind to us too, she was texting us every day letting us know how our “babies” were doing. She is simply the best! We already booked our next holiday and we feel relaxed this time because we know that our parrots will be in good hands.

Emma Lofts 12/08/2014                                  facebook


Fantastic Service!... Our Donny dog had a very boring life stuck in the house all day while we're all at work. Now he seems much happier and more relaxed after having a good run in the fields with Nat twice a week. We wouldn't trust anyone else with our boy, he's not the easiest of dogs but Nat definitely has a way with him and he has now been given a new lease of life

Mouche Pearce                     August 2019 Google review


We’ve used Nat’s Pet Services both for dog walking and cat sitting. Our dog is always very happy to see Nat & she makes sure he gets enough exercise and plenty of rest and water when it’s hot. He is in a small group of dogs and always seems very happy before and after the walk. Nat sends photos of the walks, so we know what he’s been up to! Our cat is wary around strangers, but Nat has taken the time to get to know him & he now greets her happily!
I never worry when Nat looks after our animals, as I know she really cares about the pets she looks after. 100% recommend!

Lenka Dinnage                    August 2019 Google review


Nat has been walking our rescue border collie for about 5 months now and it's been a great experience all around! Poppy is quite reactive around other dogs but with Nat's help, she's made new friends she can trust and enjoys being part of the pack. Nat has been brilliant - trustworthy, reliable, caring, flexible & always willing to accommodate our needs. Thank you for making our lives so much simpler and easier to manage :-)

Shelley Basharan  26/06/19                           facebook


I don’t think I need to say much about Nat and the fantastic job she does...the photos say it all!

I have everything confidence in Nat, she is obviously an extremely thoughtful person who cares hugely about animals.

My 10yr old whippet / greyhound X has benefited greatly emotionally and physically from spending time with her and his (now) fellow dog mates. She carefully selected which group of dogs would match the needs / requirements of Bailey, I couldn’t recommend her more highly x

Anna Constantas  01/11/18                                  facebook 

How loving Nat is towards her dog wards and the best compliment is how much my dog loves her walks with Nat. Mix common sense and utter reliability with high levels of professionalism and affection and you get one Nat!

Molly White 21/02/2015                                facebook

Thanks to nat we have a very happy dog

Tom Parry 25/01/2015                                     facebook

Nat always goes above and beyond the call of duty, she's flexible, fun and has great rates - would never use anyone else!

Theresa Telling 24/07/2014                            facebook


Nat is the most natural person to look after your pets. She is really caring, patient and adores all animals. They are thoroughly safe and cared for in her capable hands

Simon Lee Morgan 24/07/14                          facebook


This is the perfect person for such a service . There is a wealth of knowledge and experience here you can depend on.

Hayley Burton 24/07/14                                 facebook


I use Nat to cover my dog walking all the time, couldn't think of any one more trustworthy , reliable or animal loving then Nat :-))))

Kathleen MC 24/07/2014                               facebook


Couldn't ask for a more caring person to look after any animal. Nat is one of natures naturals when it comes to animals. So well worth checking her first, for animal's needs. She knows her stuff.

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