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Dog Walking

Group walks
Cambrdge dog walker
Dog walk at Quy Fen
Group dog walk in Fen Ditton

If your dog likes to have other dogs to play with on his walks and is neutered or spayed, then I have 2 fun daily group walks which are between 10 am and 4 pm. 

First Walk: Pick ups are from approximately 10 am and the walk begins at 11am.


Second Walk: Pick ups are from approximately 1 pm and the walk begins at 2pm                                                                                                    Both walks are for a full hour and we walk in Fen Ditton, Quy, Lode, Waterbeach or Horningsea.  Both group dog walks are off road an there is plenty of safe space for the dogs to run around and have fun in. 



Individual walks
Individual dog walk in Cambridge
Dog walker in Cambridge

Week day individual dog walks are possible on request depending on availability.

Individual walks are always available on Saturdays after 1 pm, Sundays all day and weekdays after 4.30 pm. 

Dogs walked on their own can either be kept on leads, or if neutered or spayed, have good recall and are good with other dogs, they would be able to be off the lead.

Puppy walk in Newmarket

About my dog walking services

I began walking dogs in 2014 after taking on part time hours with my horse riding job in Newmarket.  I am now available all day for dog walking having retired from riding. 

I take my own collie Sam on group walks and sometimes my other dog Mia accompanies us if the weather is to her liking!

I have a maximum of 4 dogs on a group walk often including my collie Sam as I think it important to be able to maintain full control if other dogs are approaching, especially if they are on leads and may not be welcoming to dogs running up to them. This also allows me to give each dog the individual time and attention they deserve. If a second handler is present, I may take up to 6 dogs if 2 come from the same home.

This also ensures that dogs are not travelling for long periods of time between being picked up and dropped off, which is especially important in hot weather or very cold or wet weather.

Dogs joining in on a group walk are able to be off lead if they have good recall or otherwise I am happy to keep them on a lead or long training line in order to work on their recall.

I walk in off road areas on group walks such as local byways and bridleways or near the river Cambs outside bird nesting season as we don't want to disturb the ducks, moorhens and swans from their nests in the reeds. 


For dogs requiring individual walks, I am happy to walk them near their residence on the lead or to visit off road areas to allow for off lead walks if the dog has good recall. Older dogs who would prefer a steadier walk are welcome to go along at their own pace.  

I appreciate that some dogs may be reactive towards other dogs and am happy to walk reactive dogs on individual walks. I am the owner of a dog who is reactive since she was attacked by another larger dog, so understand the importance of avoiding an informal meeting with other dogs and am happy to work with your reactive dog using positive reinforcement techniques and training to make any unexpected meetings a less traumatic experience. 

Reactive dogs would need to stay on a lead or a long training line with a harness at all times. I have a 30ft training line which allows dogs quite a bit of freedom if we are off road and is great for practicing recall.

On return from their walk, I will ensure your dog is made comfortable, drying or cleaning him as necessary and offering a fresh bowl of water and any food or treats that he requires.  

I am available for both regular dog walks on as many days per week as required, or occasional dog walks as and when needed.

A dog walkers day:  Photos past and present

Diesel walking in Brinkley, Cambridgeshire

Diesel 2015

Diesel and Mia dog walk in Fordham, Newmarket

Diesel and Mia 2015

Sam, Max and Harry walkng in Histon, Cambridge

Sam, Max and Harry

Ozze and Mia waking in Fen Ditton, Cambridge

Ozzie and Mia

Sam, Mia and Ella walking in Fen Ditton, Camridgeshire

Sam, Mia and Ella

Mia dog walk in Brinkley, Newmarket

Mia and the boys

Dog walking with Diesel in Newmarket

A very young Diesel

Fen Ditton dog walkers

My 3 dogs out with Ella

Donny walking at the river in Cambridge

Donny dog at Stourbridge Common

Donny and Sam running in Fen Ditton, Cambridge

Donny and Sam

Dog walk in Histon, Cambridgeshire

Grayling, Sam and Max

Dog walk in Fen Ditton, Cambridge


Dog walker in Fen Ditton, Cambridge


Grayling in Quy, Cambridge


Ozzie, Mia and Sam the dog walkers dream in the snow

Ozzie, Mia and Sam

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