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Exotic Bird Care

Cambridge parrot sitter
Aviary visits Cambride
Bird sitting in Cambridge

I can visit your parrot in your own home and sit with him or her for an arranged length of time and let him/ her out for exercise if they are happy to allow me to do so! 

Fresh food and water is given on each visit as required and cages and aviaries cleaned as specified on our initial consultation. 

I am able to care for outdoor aviary birds and can monitor chicks and eggs.


I have experience in exotic bird care having 2 rescue hahns macaws (in the photo) and have also kept several rehomed budgies, celestial parrotlets and bourkes for several years.

Bird owners will know that recognising illness early on is vital as birds hide illness so easily until it is often too late to be of help. I am able to recognise early signs of a sick bird and on consultation with an avian vet, am able to administer some types of medication if necessary.

Knowing how important a varied and interesting diet is for parrots, I am happy to provide a full diet of sprouted seeds and pulses, veg and fruit as per your specifications in addition to the regular diet of seed or pellets. I understand the importance of ensuring all residue from sprouted seeds, fruit or veg is cleaned from the cage after a few hours to ensure no bacterial overgrowth arises.

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